SG46 Scanhead

Newest, Most Accurate 6th Generation Scanhead

The SG46 Scanhead is the newest addition to our 3D scanhead family and is ideal for scanning small objects. This sixth-generation technology is our most accurate scanhead to date, with an improved laser, lens, and imager.

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The SG46 scanhead is the newest addition to the ShapeGrabber 3D scanhead family. As the second member of our sixth-generation scanhead technology, this is our most accurate scanhead to date with an improved laser, lens, and imager. The SG46 also delivers a scanning speed gain of 2 to 10 times as compared to previous models, and has greater stability under temperature variations. In addition to being faster and more accurate, the SG46 has improved performance for scanning glossy plastic and reflective metal parts.

The SG46 is compatible with our new mounting mechanism developed for the SG156, making it easy for existing users to switch between the SG46 and SG156 scanheads.

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