• Automated 3D Scanning
  • Automotive Injection Molded Plastics Inspection
  • Aerospace Castings Inspection

Automated 3D Scanners

At ShapeGrabber, we design, manufacture and sell industrial 3D scanners ideal for measuring complex shapes that are otherwise too time consuming, costly, or simply impossible to measure. Our 3D laser scanners are very fast and easy to use in comparison to traditional methods, such as gauges, calipers, and Coordinate Machines (CMMs).

Fast & Accurate
Our industrial 3D scanning technologies enable the next generation in quality control for tough inspection problems. Regardless of how complex the object’s shape, a ShapeGrabber 3D scanner can capture every metric. The accuracy and speed of lasers precisely renders every feature of an object into a three-dimensional model that can be inspected for defects, further augmented, or reproduced as is.

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