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ShapeGrabber Launches 6th Generation Scanhead

SG156 ScanheadShapeGrabber today announced the availability of its fastest scanhead to date. The SG156 scanhead delivers a scanning speed gain of 2 to 10 times as compared to previous models, as well as a larger sensing range and greater stability in temperature variations.

The new scanhead design features these enhancements:

• Up to 10 times faster scanning speed than its predecessor, the SG102
• Variable field of view in addition to depth of field
• Greater accuracy and tolerance to temperature changes
• Larger dynamic sensing range to scan wider range of part types
• A new mounting design allows the SG156 scanhead to be easily installed and removed; and, provides greater precision

It is backward-compatible with all currently installed ShapeGrabber scanners, with the addition of a new mounting bracket assembly.

For performance specifications, please refer to the webpage, or contact us!

Application Corner

Virtualize Your Inspection Gauges

- David O'Connor, Manager of Technical Services, ShapeGrabber

ShapeGrabber Ai310 3D ScannerGauges are used in manufacturing environments to make go/no go decisions both during production and prior to moving into full production. Developed simultaneously with the part it will measure, a gauge can require months of engineering effort.

In situations where gauges are too costly or cumbersome to meet cost-reduction or efficiency goals, newer, automated 3D scanners such as ShapeGrabber's are a compelling alternative. An automated 3D laser scanner such as that manufactured by ShapeGrabber enables multiple inspection projects (virtual gauges) to be set up in software with about 4-8 hours of technician effort.

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Enhancing a Lean Manufacturing Program with a 3D Scanner

Lean processes are intended to eliminate “the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer.” Some goals of Lean include holding little or no inventory, having no idle (or over capacity) machines and maintaining a smooth, logical production flow.

An automated 3D scanner like the ShapeGrabber Ai310 or Ai810 can enhance an existing Lean program or may spur new Lean initiatives in the quality control department.

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Industry Outlook

Research: "3D Scanning Market Expected to Grow at 8.8% CAGR" 
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Use of Plastics in Medical Implants is Soaring
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High-temperature thermoplastics = higher expectations
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Feature Story: New 6th-Generation Scanhead!

Application Corner:
Virtualize Inspection Gauges
Enhance Lean Manufacturing

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Auto Manufacturing Focuses on Vision
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