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3D Scanning for Incoming Inspection

First Article Inspection
In some quarters, incoming inspection is making a comeback thanks to the capabilities provided by automated 3D scanners such as those made by ShapeGrabber.

Using an automated 3D scanner such as the ShapeGrabber Ai810, inspectors can quickly determine whether a supplier’s part meets its specifications, without having to do a complete part layout.  
Inspect Incoming Parts Quickly & Thoroughly

Read our blog post "3D Scanning for Incoming Inspection" to determine whether a 3D scanner is right for your incoming inspection process. >>

RAPID Conference: Call for Speakers

The RAPID Conference (the Authority on 3D Printing, Scanning, and Additive Manufacturing) is looking for speakers to share their knowledge of manufacturing and 3D imaging.

We encourage all ShapeGrabber customers to submit an abstract that details your 3D scanning project in the following industries or applications:
  • Medical & Dental
  • Transportation (Aerospace, aircraft, automotive, etc.)
  • Creative/Innovative 
  • Casting
  • Advanced Manufacturing Applications
  • Additive Manufacturing
The deadline for abstracts closes December 1st, so contact us to be a speaker right away!

News & Updates

Quad State Gauging & Measurement Chooses ShapeGrabber

Iowa's Quad State Gauging & Measurement has recently purchased and installed a ShapeGrabber Ai810 3D laser scanner. Quad State will use this automated scanner to augment its part inspection and reverse engineering services to customers across North America. Read the Press Release >>

Pierre Aubrey Talks Quality Control in Manufacturing Engineering Media 

ShapeGrabber was featured in the October issue of Manufacturing Engineering Media magazine. In its "Quality Scan" column, ShapeGrabber President & CEO of ShapeGrabber discusses quality control, inspection, and the benefits of 3D laser scanners. Read the article >>

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Feature Stories: 3D Scanning for Incoming Inspection
RAPID Conference: Call For Speakers

News & Updates:
Quad State Chooses ShapeGrabber
Pierre Aubrey Talks Quality Control

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