Summer 2012
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3D Laser Scanning: Solving the Toughest Quality Inspection Problems

ShapeGrabber Ai310 Automated 3D Scanner with Turbine Blade on Rotary TableManufacturers come to us with many different complex parts in a variety of sizes and materials, but one problem arises frequently: “I can’t figure out why this part is coming out off spec!”

The reason is that traditional inspection equipment – such as manual caliper and micrometer measurements, touch-probing with a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) or vsition system – do not provide enough information to allow effective troubleshooting. Today, inspection is quickly becoming the number-one application for ShapeGrabber 3D scanners. Here's why ...

Application Corner

Assess How a Part Changes Over Time Using a 3D Laser Scanner

- David O'Connor, Manager of Technical Services, ShapeGrabber

3D laser scanners are invaluable tools for part comparisons, such as comparing a manufactured part to its intended design (CAD model) to analyze deviations.

Use a 3D scanner to assess how a part changes over time
An equally valuable but less well-known method is to compare a part to itself. Doing so allows you to see how a part has changed over time due to factors such as part wear, environmental conditions, and others. For example, a brake pad manufacturer can use a ShapeGrabber 3D scanner to scan a new brake pad as it comes off the line. The pad can again be scanned after use (or simulated use). 

This article outlines how this technique can be used to achieve continuous process improvement and provides a case study - with scan images - related to warpage in injection-molded plastic parts.

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ShapeGrabber Welcomes Distributor in Australia 

Hi-Tech Metrology logoShapeGrabber has inked a distribution agreement with Hi-Tech Metrology, a leading provider of metrology inspection innovation in Australia. Hi-Tech Metrology has distribution rights for ShapeGrabber automated 3D scanners to customers based in Australia and New Zealand.

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Shelley Automation Signs Distribution Agreement 

Shelley Automation LogoShelley Automation will add the ShapeGrabber line of 3D laser scanners to the stable of solutions it offers to Canadian manufacturers. The agreement advances a decade-long relationship between the companies, as Shelley Automation supplies ShapeGrabber with many of the motion control components used in the manufacture of its 3D scanners.

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Industry Outlook

Research: "Manufacturing Still Leads in Innovation" 
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Airbus to spend $600M to build jetliners in Alabama
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Volkswagen expanding its Tennessee factory
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"Apply Visualization Tools to Achieve Quality - Affordably" (using 3D tools!)  
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Global Industrial Automation Market to Grow 9.5%to $159.8 Billion in 2012 
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Industrial Products and Services Benchmarking Study Reveals Economic Recovery and Reduced Losses 
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Summer 2012

Feature Story: 3D Scanners Solve the Tough Inspection Problems
Application Corner: Assess How a Part Changes Over Time Using a 3D Scanner
Partner News: ShapeGrabber signs Two New Distributors
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Large Applications of 3D Scanner Technology, a ShapeGrabber production.
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