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First Article Inspection with a 3D Scanner

Performing a thorough First Article Inspection (FAI) on new production parts is the norm across most industries, but the
First Article Inspection
methods and tools used for FAI vary greatly. Recently, manufacturers have adopted 3D scanners as their main tool for FAI.

Unlike traditional measurement equipment that relies on the capture of a few individual points in succession, a non-contact 3D laser scanner captures millions of data points and represents the true geometry of the component.  

Automated 3D scanners can take measurements within a matter of minutes and require little or no human involvement, freeing the operator to perform other tasks.

Using an Automated 3D Scanner for First Article Inspection

Read our blog post "First Article Inspection with a 3D Scanner" to learn how an automated 3D scanner can improve the efficiency of your quality inspection program >>

News & Updates

ShapeGrabber SG156 ScanHead  

In November, we released our fastest 3D scanhead to date. The SG156 scanhead delivers a scanning speed gain of 2 to 10 times as compared to previous models, as well as a larger sensing range and greater stability in temperature variations.

If you are an existing customer and are looking to upgrade your scanheads, please contact us!

InnovMetric Sells its 10,000th PolyWorks® Software License 

In October, ShapeGrabber partner Innovmetric announced that it had sold the 10,000th license of its universal 3D metrology software platform, PolyWorks®. PolyWorks®, a universal 3D metrology software platform is used by ShapeGrabber customers who trust it for its flexibility, robustness, and top-of-the-class technical support. Read the full Innovmetric announcement >>

3D Systems Announces Geomagic® 2014

ShapeGrabber partner 3D Systems recently announced that its 2014 printable CAD design, scanning and inspection software tools are now available. Packed with a broad array of enhanced and new features, Geomagic® 2014 products deliver greater productivity and use case versatility. This follows the release of Geomagic Design Direct (formerley known as Gemoagic Spark): 3D software that combines a live 3D scanning interface with a comprehensive direct modeling package. Read the full Geomagic announcement >>


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