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Call for Speakers: RAPID Conference

RAPID Conference

The RAPID Additive Manufacturing Solutions Conference and Exposition is looking for speakers to share their knowledge of manufacturing and 3D imaging.

We encourage all ShapeGrabber customers to submit an abstract that details your 3D imaging and/or reverse engineering work in the following industries:
  • Medical & Dental
  • Transportation (Aerospace, aircraft, automotive, etc.)
  • Creative/Innovative 
  • Casting
  • Advanced Manufacturing Applications
  • Direct Write Printed Materials/Electronics
  • Final Part Production
  • Additive Manufacturing
The deadline for submissions closes soon, so contact us to be a speaker!

Application Corner

Color mapped turbine blade. 3D scanner.

Improving Quality Control Processes with a 3D Scanner

One of the many benefits of a 3D laser scanner is that it is suitable in most quality control environments. In particular, a 3D scanner can enhance 100% inspection, statistical process control (SPC), and part production approval processes (PPAP).

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Measuring & Inspecting Medical Parts with a 3D Scanner

Medical device components, such as implants and prosthetics, pose a number of challenges for manufacturers. 3D laser scanner for medical devices
An automated 3D laser scanner will quickly measure complex-shaped medical parts by capturing millions of data points that represent their true geometry. 

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Industry Outlook

2012: Year in Review for the Plastics Industry
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Industry Week says 2013 is the year to invest in upgrading your operations. Make sure a 3D scanner is part of that initiative!
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Feature Story: Call for RAPID speakers

Application Corner:
Improving Quality Control 
Measuring & Inspecting Parts with a 3D Scanner

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The 3D Scanner Blog is a rich resource for Quality Managers, Designers and Engineers interested in the use of 3D scanners in quality inspection, reverse engineering, product design, prototyping and other uses.

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