sg198 Scanhead

High Resolution Scanhead

The sg198 is ShapeGrabber’s latest 3D scanhead which has faster speed, better data quality, higher resolution, and wider dynamic range. It is included with the QVI shapegrabber Ai620 3D scanner.

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The sg198 scanhead is embedded with the QVI shapegrabber Ai620, a precision, metrology-class 3D scanner. The Ai620 measures the complete surface of complex shaped plastic, metal, and 3D printed parts in minutes with a high density of data points.

The Ai620 is easy to use and highly automated. After an initial scan, the same scanning parameters may be used for subsequent parts, delivering consistent results irrespective of operator skill or experience. There is no need to write special code.

The Ai620 is fast. Data capture rates range from 155,000 pts/s to upwards of 1.5M pts/s. But that does not say the whole story. It can be setup for new parts very quickly. The precision turntable repositions the part for additional scans accurately with no need for targets or software alignment, and the automation makes all of this work seamlessly. What this means is not just fast data, but fast time to results.

The Ai620 derives its inherent accuracy by combining a highly rigid and stable mechanical structure, high precision vertical and rotary motion, state of the art calibration, and leading-edge optics. The result is high quality data, delivered quickly and reliably.

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