Vision Systems

SmartScope ZIP® systems provide capable, field-tested automatic dimensional measurement, making them worldwide favorites in the industrial marketplace. Whether using high-speed video to measure edges, or multisensor technology to measure complex surface profiles, SmartScope ZIP is up to the task. SmartScope ZIP is available in a range of sizes and measurement volumes – from compact benchtops to expansive floor models – so there is sure to be a ZIP to fit your specific measurement needs.

Learn about our automated Vision Systems:

The SmartScope ZIP 250 system features fast stage speed for maximum throughput and short cycle times, without sacrificing accuracy.

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The SmartScope ZIP® Advance 250 is a high-resolution, high-accuracy bench-top video measuring system offering superb video measurement for the toughest metrology challenges.

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ShapeGrabber manufactures and supplies benchtop Zips to channel partners in select markets.

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