The 3D Measurement Report is ShapeGrabber’s newsletter, containing information, tips, and observations on 3D measurement, 3D inspection, 3D scanner products, and dimensional metrology.

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Includes The QVI shapegrabber Ai620 3D scanner is now here!, ShapeGrabber’s Gerry Kanter wins the 2019 Carleton University Teaching Award, and more!
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SGCentral Version 10

Contents include: ShapeGrabber SGCentral Version 10 Software is Now Available!, Food & Beverage Container Manufacturer Improves Quality Control with ShapeGrabber, and more!
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Unique 3D Coin Series

Contents include: Royal Canadian Mint Creates Unique 3D Coin Series with ShapeGrabber, Virtualize Inspection Gauges to Slash Manufacturing Costs, and more!
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New SG356 Scanhead

Contents include: New SG356 Scanhead, Distribution Network Expansion,  Bringing Prototypes to Life with a 3D Scanner, and more!
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Improving Part Inspection at Casmet Supply

Contents include: Enhance Injection Mold Tryouts, Upcoming Events, Improving Part Inspection at Casmet Supply, and more!
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New Scanhead Launched

Contents include: New Scanhead Launched, Die Casting Company Improves Product Quality & Compliance, Upcoming Events, Measuring Soft Components with a 3D Scanner
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It’s All About Growth

Contents include: President’s Message, The 3D Scanning Experience, Injection Molder Enhances Quality Control, Upcoming Events
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Keep Your 3D Scanner Investment Working for You

Contents include: Scanning for 3D Printing case study, Your 3D Scanner Investment, Upcoming Events.
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Part Inspection & Reverse Engineering

Contents include: Part Inspection & Reverse Engineering case study, ShapeGrabber Joins the Quality Vision International Family, Upcoming Events.
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 3D Scanning for Incoming Inspection

Contents include: 3D Scanning for Incoming Inspection, RAPID Conference Call for Speakers, Pierre Aubrey talks Quality Control, & More.
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First Article Inspection with a 3D Scanner

Contents include: First Article Inspection with a 3D Scanner, SG156 Scanhead, Innovmetric News, Geomagic 2014, & More.
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Call For Speakers: RAPID Conference

Contents include: Improving Quality Control, Measuring & Inspecting Parts with a 3D Scanner, Industry News, & More.
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ShapeGrabber Launches 6th Generation Scanhead

Contents include: New 6th-Generation Scanhead Launched, Virtualize Inspectino Gauges, Enhance Lean Manufacturing, Industry News, & More.
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3D Scanners Solve the Toughest Inspection Problems

Contents include: Assess How a Part Change Over Time Using a 3D Scanner – Partner News – Industry Outlook – News, Events & More.
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3D Quality Inspection Reaches New Realms

Contents include: Why Quality Inspection is Becoming the Top Application for 3D Scanning – Tips for Faster 3D Scanning – InnovMetrics’ PolyWorks V12 – Industry Outlook – News, Events & More
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Supporting Model-Based Design with 3D Scanning

Contents include: How 3D scanners support model-based design (MBD) – How to accelerate your inspection program by using your CAD model as a stand-in for an actual part – Geomagic roadshow – InnovMetric hardware review – Guess this part, and more.
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